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This directory lists ISMAUK members and the speciality or service they provide.

Please Note:

Our new website is in the process of being populated by our members with their profiles.

If you can't find what you are looking for, or a member in your area from the current list, then please contact our administrator and she will be able to help you.



You can search by speciality or service and county.

  • All our Professional Members have qualified to the high standard as set out in our Guidelines and will have considerable experience in the field of stress management. They are required to comply with ISMAUK's Professional Code of Conduct and will have Professional Indemnity Insurance.
  • Our Fellows are Members who have five years or more professional membership and have achieved a high level of academic and relevant vocational qualification, many also have published work in the field of Stress management.
  • Where members use the title Dr in their directory listing, this will usually refer to a research qualification at PhD level rather than a medical qualification.
  • When looking for Stress Management Training or trainers, some of our members running courses have been given Course Recognition by ISMAUK and you will see the Logo for this on their website.

Please visit our members’ websites, they will be delighted to give you the help and advice you need. Let them know you found their details from the ISMAUK website.



Claire Harris

Aspire Personal and Organisational Development Ltd



Hansa Pankhania

Executive Coach, Speaker, Author



Tracy Pike MBE




Jessica Smyrl

Lead Trainer and Consultant

0141 354 1431

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