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Stress Awareness Week
4 - 8 November


International Stress Awareness Week attracts media attention worldwide. The highlight in 2023 was Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday 1st November when we hosted our Online Global Stress Summit.

In 2024, ISMA’s 50th anniversary year, International Stress Awareness Week will be between 4 – 8 November. Details of events being held will appear on this page – keep watching



Raising Awareness of Stress Around the World for 50 Years

Our goal is to raise awareness of stress around the world and improve the ways in which stress is managed in the workplace and in our personal lives, as we have been doing for 50 years in 2024. These goals are reflected in this year’s theme Campaigning to reduce stress and improve wellbeing.

International Stress Awareness Week is our major annual event focusing on stress management and campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues. It was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress and its harmful effects.

Stress Awareness Day, established by ISMAUK over 25 years ago, will once more take centre stage on Wednesday, 6th November 2024. There will be an Online Global Stress Summit, featuring renowned experts who will lead insightful webinars on topical subjects. Further information will appear here over the coming weeks.

You can read about what some of our eminent speakers and supporters said about the 2023 Summit here.


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Could You Become an Official Sponsor?

Our sponsors in 2023 were MANUP?, a charity that seeks to change people’s thoughts, opinions and minds about men and mental health. Their focus is on raising awareness about men’s mental health, chipping away at stigma.

We mark our 50th anniversary year in 2024, so it will be a very special year. We’re interested in hearing from sponsors who would like to work with ISMAUK, the leading professional body for workplace and personal stress management, wellbeing and performance. A registered charity and membership-based organisation, ISMAUK exists to promote sound knowledge and best practice in stress management, both nationally and internationally

International Stress Awareness Week is our flagship event, attracting substantial exposure on broadcast and social media platforms. Companies and organisations who are taking steps to put employee wellbeing firmly on their agendas are invited to join in and support ISMAUK and International Stress Awareness Week through sponsorship.

Request a Sponsorship Pack

To receive a sponsorship pack with information about sponsorship opportunities during International Stress Awareness Week and with ISMAUK in their 50th anniversary year 2024, please get in touch with Carole Spiers at or on + 44 (0) 77 688 78910

Get Involved!

International Stress Awareness Week is our flagship event, so why not get involved in 2024? Join our campaign, help us achieve major goals, raise the profile of stress awareness and stress prevention, and promote the importance of wellbeing for individuals and organisations.

You can take part in International Stress Awareness Week in the UK or wherever you are across the world. Whether you’re new to ISMAUK or already a member, Carole Spiers, Founder, International Stress Awareness Week and Chair of ISMAUK, would love to hear from you. For more information, please email

Join the Conversation

We invite you to join the conversation during International Stress Awareness Week, when ISMA members in the UK and internationally connect in dialogue with businesses and individuals, seeking to reduce the stigma around stress and mental health issues and developing solutions to improve the way these issues are managed. These are some of the issues on which you can share your thoughts -

  • What each of us can do to reduce the stigma around stress
  • How employers can improve the workplace culture around stress
  • Ways in which stress management professionals can assist
  • Do changes such as hybrid working help reduce stress levels?
  • What support is available to those suffering from stress and poor mental health?

International Events

Events in support of International Stress Awareness Week and stress-related events at other times take place in countries around the world. For details of 2023 events that were held in Italy, Spain and India go here.

Running Your Own Event?

If you’re planning to run your own event during International Stress Awareness Week 2024 or in connection with it, please let us know a and we’ll promote it on our Events Calendar. To help with your event, please download ISMAUK’s free Stress Management Resources here, These 11 fact sheets offer valuable help and advice, are very versatile for anyone to use and can form part of training programmes or consultations.

Please also download the leaflet on the right which tells you more about them.

Strong Media Interest

International Stress Awareness Week and Stress Awareness Day always attract strong media interest. Coverage includes features in newspapers and magazines, on online news sites, in newsletters, in specialist forums and in professional groups, both in the UK and internationally.

International Stress Awareness Week trends worldwide on social media, with exposure on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Please use these 2024 hashtags:

Could you help us promote International Stress Awareness Week within your network? If you would like to know more about media opportunities, please contact

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