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International Stress Awareness Week 1-5 November 2021

International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention. It attracts media attention worldwide. The highlight is ISMAUK's Online Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit, opening on International Stress Awareness Day 3rd November. Over 25 speakers will take part in panels, keynotes, and more.

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International Stress Awareness Week 
1-5 November 2021

Raising Awareness of Stress Around the World for over 23 Years

International Stress Awareness Week was created in 2018 to raise awareness about stress prevention, and this year marks 23 years since the establishment of Stress Awareness Day, the highlight of the Week, in 1998.

International Stress Awareness Week has developed as a major annual event focusing on stress management and campaigning against the stigma associated with stress and mental health issues. Subjects debated will include –


  • Experiences people have with mental health challenges and what can be done to help them
  • How employers are responding to mental health issues and what can be learnt
  • The role of stress management professionals in alleviating stress, with practical and proven techniques for building resilience
  • What further actions need to be taken in the light of the pandemic and workplace changes such as hybrid working
  • Ensuring that those suffering from stress know where they can find advice and support

International Stress Awareness Week also provides opportunities for ISMA members to showcase their skills and engage in dialogue with businesses and individuals in their local areas. ISMA professionals will be delivering online workshops and presentations in the UK and other countries.

Global Stress and Wellbeing Summit is 2021 Highlight

ISMAUK's Online Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit is the highlight of International Stress Awareness Week 2021, a dynamic hub for the latest thinking and guidance on stress management, mental health and employee wellbeing. A prestigious line-up of experts will speak on these vital subjects in keynotes, panel discussions, expert sessions and more, in front of an international audience. For more details go here.


Strong Media Interest

As in 2020, International Stress Awareness Week, National Stress Awareness Day and the Online Global Stress and Wellbeing Summit will attract considerable media interest, including features in national newspapers and coverage on online news sites, in specialist forums, in professional groups and newsletters, both in the UK and elsewhere.

If you would like to know more about media opportunities, please contact

Top Rated on Social Media

International Stress Awareness Week trends worldwide on social media. Activity will be high-profile on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, building up as the week approaches and continuing well into November.

This year’s hashtags are:


Please use them as often as you can! If you would like to help us promote International Stress Awareness Week within your network or want to know more about social media opportunities please contact


Press & Media Enquiries

Please contact Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK and Founder of International Stress Awareness Week at or on + 44 (0) 77 688 78910 and she will respond immediately.

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If you are running your own event during International Stress Awareness Week, then why not benefit from our FREE DOWNLOADS which are available here.

Anyone Can Get Involved in International Stress Awareness Week

International Stress Awareness Week is our flagship event so why not get involved? As a major annual occasion on the international stage, it enables major goals to be achieved. These include raising the profile of stress awareness, heightened publicity relating to stress and stress prevention, and promoting the importance of wellbeing for individuals and organisations.

Whether you’re new to ISMA or already a member, contact Carole Spiers, Founder, International Stress Awareness Week and ISMAUK Chair, to find out how you can become involved and bring International Stress Awareness Week to your region or your country. Please email for information.

If this is your first visit to ISMA’s website, then welcome. Please consider joining our community and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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