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ISMAUK Masterclass Series 2021

New from ISMAUK -
Monthly Masterclass Events

Every month we will be holding an online Masterclass featuring a different expert presenter on subjects related to stress management, productivity, wellbeing, relationships, business tools and connected topics.


What’s the Format?

Masterclasses will be held online on every last Thursday of the month from 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm. Following a welcome by ISMAUK, our presenter will speak for 45 minutes followed by a Q & A session. The final half hour will be devoted to networking, enabling attendees to catch up, exchange thoughts on the presentation or about current issues.

Tech Toolbox Masterclasses will be held online on selected Thursdays, from 11.00 am – 12.00 midday. They will feature experts on different tech topics and include Q & A opportunities.

Who are the Masterclasses for?

The Masterclasses are of value to anyone with an interest in stress management, HR, workplace performance, wellbeing and associated themes. They will be especially relevant for organisers and practitioners in stress management, business leaders, managers and employees, HR managers, consultants and trainers.

Tech Toolbox Masterclasses are of value to anyone in the sectors mentioned above with an interest in tech tools that will help their business communicate more professionally and more effectively

How Can You Book?

Tickets must be booked in advance
Follow link to Eventbrite booking page for each Masterclass
ISMAUK members: free
Non-members: £10 per Masterclass


Masterclass Schedule

Thursday 24th June, 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

How to Make Mental Wellbeing an Integral Part of Company Culture

with Jessica Smyrl, Laura Ginesi, Hansa Pankhania and Sally Sheen

four specialists in workplace health, stress reduction and resilience

Recent studies show that stress is a factor in 50% - 60% of all lost working days. Are you ready to learn about the new global international standard to help organisations manage stress and psychosocial risks?

In this Masterclass, you will –

  • Learn about the impact of psychosocial risks within the workplace
  • Gain awareness of ISO 45003 and how it can help organisations be more resilient
  • Obtain up-to-date, evidence-based information and acquire practical tips on managing psychosocial risks,
    while dealing with COVID-19
  • Discover a new way forward to prevent stress, improve wellbeing and gain employee  engagement

Tuesday 27th July, 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm

50 ways to master your mind, boost your body and supercharge your soul (because you’re a human being, not just a human doing…)

with Dr Andrew Sharman, Managing Partner, RSM Switzerland, author of The Wellbeing Book


The pandemic caused all organisations to go into tailspin, and catalysed the rise and rise of the ‘can do’ attitude – where ’all hands on deck’ and ‘let’s do everything possible to keep the show on the road’ became the mantras of managers and leaders around the world. The traditional lines between work and home were not just blurred, they suddenly vanished.

In this dynamic and highly interactive session, Dr Andrew Sharman will explore just how the pandemic impacts our minds, bodies and souls, and share practical ideas and tools that will have an immediate positive impact on your mental health and wellbeing.


NEW Wellbeing & Resilience at Work Training Pack

“I am delighted to support the ISMAUK Online Stress and Wellbeing Summit and its noble mission to highlight these important and often neglected areas of significance in the workplace.”

Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer and Presenter

Masterclass Series 2021

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