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Derek Mowbray


01242 620 819

Our work focuses on the primary prevention of stress at work, which is about substituting adverse events with events that provoke psychological wellbeing in the workplace. Our programmes include leader and leadership development that focuses on behaviours that provoke psychological wellbeing and performance; The Wellbeing, Resilience and Performance Agenda; outcome focused culture; BOLD leaders and Adaptive Leadership; Sharing Responsibility for the future success of the organisation with the workforce; Psychological Responsibility; Intelligent Management; and Personal Resilience.

we, also, have programmes on resilience - the leader's role in resilience; strengthening personal resilience.

Our programmes are produce as eLearning programmes as well as being delivered in person, and using media.

Our services include coaching, mentoring, consultancy, facilitation, as well as workshops, seminars, action learning sets.

We have published Guides:

Derek Mowbray's Guide to

Personal Resilience

Organisation Resilience

Adaptive Leadership

The Wellbeing and Performance Agenda

The Manager's Role in Resilience

The Line Manager's Role in the Prevention of Stress

Team Resilience

Transforming managers into Leaders.


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