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Our Partners

As the leading professional body for workplace and personal stress management, we are committed to reducing workplace and personal stress, anxiety and depression. We are equally committed to educating businesses and other organisations about reducing stress and passionate about enhancing wellbeing, resilience and positive mental health.

ISMAUK’s valued partners share our long-term strategic vision to bring about positive changes and collaborate with us in developing and promoting sustainable goals.

Why Do Partners Matter?

ISMAUK‘s partners are key in helping us achieve our mission of reducing the highly negative effects of stress and poor mental health in the workplace. These partnerships demonstrate the many benefits of establishing progressive, interactive relationships, which are both supportive of and complementary to each partner’s values and objectives.

Partnership Benefits

  • A willingness to support each other’s events. ISMA events include International Stress Awareness Week and Stress Awareness Day each November
  • Reciprocal communication of shared or co-branded messages, using websites, press releases, social media, blogs and newsletters
  • Offering authoritative speakers with specialist knowledge of stress, wellbeing and mental health for events, conferences, webinars
  • Sharing links and downloads of free information, which can be shared internally, in the workplace or in the public arena

Collaboration and communication are essential in achieving successful partnerships and ISMAUK is proud and delighted to be working with each of our exceptional partners, whose details appear below. Please contact Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK if you have any questions or you are interested in becoming one of our partners. Now is the time - together we can achieve so much more than on our own.

The Health and Safety Executive

Denver Coulson, Head of Campaigns

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) is Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, dedicated to protecting people and places and helping everyone lead safer and healthier lives. HSE works to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health through regulatory actions ranging from influencing behaviours to targeted business interventions. A specific role is to ensure employers are aware of their legal duties to recognise and respond to workplace stress. "We’re delighted to be working with ISMAUK on our Working Minds campaign to prevent stress and support good mental health across Britain’s workplaces."
Find out about HSE’s Working Minds campaign here and the resources available, by watching this video About HSE’s Working Minds campaign - YouTube. See a new online learning tool designed to prevent work-related stress here.

    The Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA)

    Renna Markson MPRCA – Deputy Director General and Engagement Director

    The PRCA is the world’s largest professional PR body, representing more than 35,000 PR professionals in 82 countries worldwide. With offices in London, Hong Kong, Dubai, Singapore, and Buenos Aires, we deliver exceptional training, authoritative industry data, and global networking, and development opportunities. Our mission is to create a more professional, ethical, and prosperous PR industry.

    Our partnership with ISMAUK is an important step towards keeping mental wellbeing at the top of the agenda in 2023 and beyond.

      Make A Difference Media and Events

      Claire Farrow - Partner & Global Director of Content

      Make A Difference Media and Events organise the Mad World Summit, Europe's largest solutions-focused event with a mission to eradicate stigma and spark a new era of mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. They also organise The Watercooler, a networking event for workplace wellbeing professionals. "Our ambition is to create the largest, expert-led celebration of workplace wellbeing in the UK — bringing employers to the workplace wellbeing conversation. Our partnership with ISMAUK underlines our commitment to wellbeing and we join them in seeking to eradicate the stigma around mental health and stress”.