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I am meeting clients and conducting sessions online, having discovered its effectiveness prior to and throughout the pandemic.  I have some availability.  I specialise in EMDR and Somatic Experience (SE) therapy for workplace pressure, anxiety and trauma from accidents, assaults or combat and AI-EMDR (Attachment-Informed) to help people recover from adverse childhood experiences and inter-generational issue.  Many of our difficulties in everyday functioning arise because the body's nervous system defaults to either a state of high alert or towards a state of numbness and shut-down.  Much of my work is to help you find ways of changing these patterns which came into being in early life for reasons to do with our survival.  My therapy incorporates elements of Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal-based practices, coaching approaches and EMDR to help your system support you as you move forward with your life.  

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Work Area: Trauma therapy & Stress Management
Speciality: Anger Management
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & EMDR
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Additional Services: Somatic Experiencing Therapy