Our Supporters

Many businesses, organisations and individuals give their help to support ISMAUK. We are proud to be connected with each and every one of them and this is our opportunity to give them our thanks.

A Big Thank You to our Supporters  
We really appreciate all that you have done for ISMAUK and continue to do.


Why Do Supporters Matter?

Our supporters are varied, coming from a number of different sectors. Their professional assistance is hugely valued, especially when specialist input is required. It’s good to know we can always depend on them whenever we need help, because they support ISMAUK’s commitment to reducing workplace stress and help us in achieving improvements in workplace mental health, wellbeing and performance.

Please contact Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK if you would like to support ISMAUK and the work we do. We welcome supporters from all walks of life.

The Leaders Club

Stephen Fletcher JP FRSA Founder & Managing Director

Founded in 2008, The Leaders Club brings together an eclectic membership drawn from all sectors of society - all of whom have experienced great leadership issues, challenges, successes and failures and then share these with fellow members. Originally meeting through live events, TLC now meets most weeks via Zoom to reflect on and discuss key issues. Membership is via invitation and the Club operates a Chatham House policy for its events. Details can be found at http://theleadersclub.org

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    The Standing Tall Foundation

    Andy Reid MBE - Founder

    The Standing Tall Foundation promotes the mental and physical health of all community groups through the provision of counselling, addiction support and physical activity initiatives. We further extend this support into the community to help those in financial hardship, including the homeless, via the provision of grants, items and services using the resources secured by the Foundation or those made available to us.

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      Sailing Wellness

      Simon Collyer - Founder

      Sailing Wellness is a ‘blue health’ project, initiated by Simon Collyer, founder of the Association of Pension & Benefits Claimants CIC. Using his experience, which includes racing in international sailing events, he created a project to assist military personnel with PTSD and physical injuries. Using radio-controlled boats, the aim is to get participants learning to sail, breaking the cycle of rumination and inactivity following a traumatic event: having fun on the water, mixing with others, learning a new skill on affordable boats.

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        Susan Kabani - Founder & CEO

        Ugenie is a ready-made mobile platform which provides community leaders with an easy way to target personalised content to members via a tailored, private and branded mobile solution outside the noise of social media. We also work with our communities to create a comprehensive digital strategy ensuring the technology is an effective tool for connecting their communities. We are proud to be working with ISMAUK and supporting their membership.

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          Results Department

          Helen Johns - Owner

          Results Department is an Oxfordshire-based copywriting consultancy, providing content writing, editing and proofreading services. Typical projects include writing or editing website content, blogs, newsletters and articles. Our clients include both businesses and voluntary sector organisations such as ISMAUK. We are delighted to be supporting ISMA because the work they are doing in the field of stress and wellbeing is so important in the campaign to remove the stigma attached to mental health issues.  

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