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Yvonne Hayes

Yvonne Hayes Wellbeing
Wellbeing Consultant

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I help parents with the challenges of parenting, especially those parenting teens.  I can offer Top Tips.  I offer single sessions or a course of 4 sessions.  Content includes - communication; the teenage brain; strategies for helping teens to understand that their choices have consequences; problem-solving techniques; and recognising that your teen is special. 

I also help you to construct a life map, and goal maps for career progression, family life, and to help you find your life balance.  I use a system that maps your goals both visually and verbally to active both sides of the brain for maximum effectiveness. 

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Contact Name:Yvonne Hayes
Telephone:07931 896141
Work Area:Parenting & Goal Mapping
Stress Management
Additional Services:Parenting Support & Goal Mapping
Parenting & Goal Mapping Coach