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Charter for Wellbeing and Performance

As a long-established national association for stress management in the UK, ISMAUK promotes the Charter for Wellbeing and Performance.

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We welcome new members and once you join, you are entitled to membership benefits including practitioner listing, referrals and professional updates.

Members within the UK and from overseas can profile their work and businesses at events.



  • To download a copy of the Charter for Wellbeing and Performance, please click here
  • To find out how to join ISMAUK as an individual or as a corporate member, please click here


The Work of ISMAUK

Our work includes the setting of standards and encouraging excellence in stress prevention and wellbeing.

Key areas are:

  • Applying criteria for acceptance into professional  ISMAUK membership
  • Opportunities to apply for ISMAUK course recognition
  • Providing principles in best practice for the membership within  the ISMAUK  code of conduct
  • Offering a network for those needing stress management support
  • Maintaining links with the Health and Safety Executive and other professional bodies with aligned interests
  • Providing an authoritative spokesperson to the media for stress and mental health issues


ISMAUK Conference and Events

We specialise in the dissemination and exchange of knowledge through:

  • Conferences and events (national and international)
  • Access to a professional journal ‘The International Journal of Stress Prevention & Wellbeing’ [Digital]
  • Maintaining high-profile search engine ranking on the web
  • Professional networking opportunities – face-to-face and on-line
  • Educational and training products
  • Free information downloads through our website

Wellbeing & Resilience at Work Training Programme

“I am delighted to support ISMAUK and their noble mission to reduce stress, build resilience and improve wellbeing, both in the workplace and in society”

Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer and Presenter
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