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Wellbeing and Resilience at Work Training Programme

Who is this programme designed for?

This training programme has been developed for use by ISMAUK members,  trainers, line managers, HR managers and occupational health professionals.

It provides all the materials necessary to run a variety of adaptable and flexible training sessions.

Find out more and get a preview

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  • For a preview of this programme, please click here to see some sample slides.

Read what people say about it!

“ISMAUK’s training pack Wellbeing and Resilience at Work will help people enhance their mental wellbeing and manage workplace stress. It combines very accessible, useful information with interactive sessions to help them identify their own issues and how to deal with them. It is a supportive guide and toolkit for individuals, HR and occupational health professionals.”
Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, University of Manchester, ISMAUK Patron

“This is a well-constructed product which isn’t too slide-centric and gives good interaction opportunities with delegates. It`s great because it can be used either face-to-face or digitally, enabling flexibility for both client and trainer. The handouts are very interactive and hit the key areas likely to be of concern to delegates, especially resilience and general wellbeing. Like most effective training programmes, the content enables skilled facilitators to tease out areas for discussion that may be troubling in what has been a tricky and challenging time for many people. Thank you for the opportunity to purchase a product produced by an organisation with wellbeing and wholeness at the centre of its ethos.”
Brian Shanks, Accredited Professional Executive Coach, FCIPD, M InstLM, MISMA

How can you buy the programme?

To buy the complete training programme, containing everything you need for both

  • Option 1: individual or small group sessions and
  • Option 2: interactive workshop, click on the appropriate link below.

Simply click on the appropriate link below.
ISMAUK members:  £175.00. Non-ISMAUK members: £225.00.

Members of ISMAUK

Non-Members of ISMAUK


What are the objectives?

  • To enable a review of the basic areas of health that are needed for health to be in balance
  • To be able to review personal resilience levels and capabilities
  • To assist with identifying how to link health and resilience and generate improvements in overall wellbeing
  • To help differentiate between stress and pressure and understand how stress affects people
  • To be able to recognise the signs of stress in ourselves and others close to us

What are the outcomes?

  • To gain an understanding of how personality traits relate to stress
  • To be able to identify personal levels of wellbeing and resilience
  • To acquire tools and techniques to improve wellbeing and resilience
  • To set goals for wellbeing improvement


You can find the answers to 12 frequently asked questions here. If you have any other queries, please contact

Option 1

Individual one-to-one and small group sessions

Option 1 enables you to deliver a flexible session of approximately 45-60 minutes with a range of training options including:

  • Individual one-to-one sessions, ideal for wellbeing coaching and reviews
  • Lunchtime power sessions
  • Additional tool as part of an in-house modular training programme
  • Interactive small group sessions

Option 2

Interactive workshop

Option 2 enables you to facilitate a flexible half-day workshop of approximately 3 – 3 ½ hours.

Included with both options -

✓ Complete set of notes for the trainer
✓ PowerPoint presentation for participants
✓ Set of handouts to support the training
✓ Pre-course questionnaires and assessment scores (workshop only)

How much is the training programme?

ISMAUK members:          £175.00
Non-ISMAUK members:  £225.00

Buy Now!

To buy the complete training programme, containing everything you need for both Option 1: individual or small group sessions and Option 2: interactive workshop, click on the appropriate link below.

Members of ISMAUK

Non-Members of ISMAUK


Your pack will be emailed to you within 48 hours on receipt of payment

If you have any queries please contact or call +44 7823 745056 during  office hours


Wellbeing & Resilience at Work Training Programme

“I am delighted to support ISMAUK and their noble mission to reduce stress, build resilience and improve wellbeing, both in the workplace and in society”

Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer and Presenter
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