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Men’s and Women’s Radio Stations

This interview The Daily Show With Russ Kane - Daniel Somers & Carole Spiers, International Stress by Men's & Women's Radio Station ( was broadcast on The Daily Show on the Men’s & Women’s Radio Station on Monday 30th October, at the start of International Stress Awareness Week 2023. The interviewer was Russ Kane (who was an ISMAUK Stress Summit contributor on men’s mental health) and the participants were Daniel Somers of MANUP? (also an ISMAUK Summit panellist) and Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK.


Compu Connect Education

The Impact of Technology and AI on Stress

An interview between Carole Spiers, Chair, ISMAUK and CEO, Carole Spiers Group, and Sarah Njamu, CEO of Compu Connect Education

Technology and AI have a multi-faceted influence on stress. On one hand, they offer advantages, such as increased efficiency, improved healthcare, and enhanced communication. On the other hand, they introduce new challenges, including information overload, social comparison, and job insecurity.

In this podcast, Carole delves into the management of stress induced by technology and provides practical strategies for mitigating the negative consequences of digital advancements, technology, and AI integration on the workforce. As we increasingly incorporate technology into our lives, comprehending and addressing its impact on stress remains crucial for the wellbeing of individuals and society.


Press Releases 2024

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Monday 17th June 2024

Enter ISMAUK's Stress Management Awards and Showcase Your Support for Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing!

This year The International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK) marks 50 years’ dedication to reducing individual and workplace stress and advocating improved wellbeing, greater resilience and enhanced performance...Read more

Friday 10th May 2024

PPWD Sponsors ISMAUK in 50th Anniversary Year

ISMAUK are pleased to announce a sponsorship agreement with PPWD, specialists in the development of cultures in safety-critical industries, such as manufacturing, energy, and infrastructure. PPWD’s guiding philosophy is that our world should be one where there is zero harm to people at work, one which considers both physical and psychological harm as equals, knowing they impact on each other....Read more

Wednesday 8th May 2024

UK Government’s Menopause Employment Champion to Talk About Supporting Menopausal Women in the Workplace

Helen Tomlinson is the Government’s first-ever Menopause Employment Champion. Working alongside the Department for Work and Pensions, Helen helps employers develop policies that empower women who experience menopause to stay and progress in work. On Wednesday 29th May she will be in conversation with Adam Pavey, an expert on employment law and a leading voice on menopause discrimination in the workplace, at a webinar being held by the International Stress Management Association (ISMAUK), moderated by Noami Dvir, an ISMAUK trustee.....Read more

Thursday 15th April 2024

Counteract the Health Risks of Sitting by Introducing Movements to Improve Concentration, Productivity and Wellbeing!

Whether it’s scrolling through your phone, responding to emails or watching television, so much of daily life revolves around sitting in a chair.
As reported in the Daily Telegraph 1 recently, research, first highlighted as long ago as 1953 in a Medical Research Council paper, has shown that sitting for long periods is associated with a plethora of physical and mental health complications, including weight gain, Type 2 diabetes, cancer, a greater risk of heart disease and higher levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol....Read more

Thursday 7th March 2024

Gain Courage and Resilience on a Journey with Patrick Regan OBE

Patrick Regan OBE is an activist whose passion is speaking about resilience, courage, and wellbeing. Fresh from his recent UK Brighter Days tour, he is ISMAUK’s speaker at their next online webinar on Thursday 14th March, entitled Resilience, Courage and Change, moderated by Laura Ginesi, a physiologist with over 35 years’ experience teaching applied physiology and stress management...Read more

Friday 19th January 2024

How to Move from Coping to Thriving in an Accelerating World

Today, technological developments have opened the doors of imagination enabling people to make choices that were not available to previous generations. They have more freedom to choose where to live, how to work, what career to follow, how to relate to one another and their communities, and how to define their own identity...Read more


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