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Day 4: Business Tools For Successful Entrepreneurs


09:15 - 09:45    Keynote Address

Pre-Recorded Event

Stef du Plessis, Hall of Fame Inspirational and Business Speaker; Organisational Change Practitioner; Author

African Wisdom:  Lessons for Everyday Living
Stef is a master storyteller. He shares age-old African stories and metaphors that provide simple, logical advice for dealing with some of the day-to-day challenges we all face. He also explores how we can live more purposefully.

11:00 – 12:00    Interactive Panel Discussion

including 15 minutes Q & A

Live Event

LinkedIn, pricing, book publishing: some of the tools for today’s successful entrepreneur.  With many of us now working remotely, the way we keep in touch is via technology.  Hear what you need to do to keep up with current trends and working practices  

This is your opportunity to put questions to the Experts

Sam Rathling, Chief Visionary Officer, LinkedInbound; Leading Authority on LinkedIn and Social Selling
Lee Jackson, Motivational Speaker and Presentation Coach; Author of 12 books; Founder, Get Good® at Work
David Abbott, Portfolio Marketing Director; International Pricing Speaker;Author
Chris Day, Founder, Filament Publishing; Journalist; Speaker; Author and Business Coach

13:00 – 13:30    Lunchtime Energiser:  Do You Want to Sleep Better?

Free to attend

Live Event

with Frances Taylor, Creator of powerful Sleep Programmes based on the UK’s clinically researched first-line treatment

Sleep is an important component of health, wellbeing and performance, along with diet and exercise. Yet sleep problems are rocketing, with one in ten people suffering from insomnia. Many more have broken sleep. Say goodbye to endless searching for the latest ‘cure’ and follow Frances’s practical, research-based tips

14:00 – 14:45    Choose an Expert

Join us for a 45-minute deep-dive workshop session with an Expert of your choice

Pre-Recorded Event

Terry Brock, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker; Master of Ceremonies; Social Media Marketing Speaker

How to Leverage the Daylights out of Video to Get the Job Done Today
Discover amazing possibilities to take your video work to the next level. In this session you’ll see vivid examples of how you can communicate on video with more confidence, connect with your audiences at a compelling personal level, and get the job done.

Philip Calvert, Acclaimed LinkedIn Author and Expert; Social Media Consultant; Thought Leader and Inspirational Speaker

People Buy People, But Will They Buy You?  Discover the Inside Secrets to Attracting More of the Clients and Connections You Really Want on LinkedIn
LinkedIn has seen huge growth recently, and whilst most professionals have a profile on the site, very few people admit to fully understanding how to use it to attract their ideal connections.  Join LinkedIn expert Philip Calvert and finally discover the secrets of winning with LinkedIn in your business.

Gina Carr MBA, Business Growth /Digital Marketing Expert; Chief Marketing Officer (Mental Telehealth), eHome Counseling Group; CEO, Video Rock Starz

Digital Marketing - Hottest Trends for Stress Management Professionals
Do you feel like you are always behind the eight ball when it comes to the latest marketing tactics?  You are not alone. Join Gina Carr, business growth strategist, for insight into the best ways to find new customers using digital marketing tactics.  Spend time with Gina for a look at Facebook, YouTube, and much more.

15:00 – 15:30    My Story

Pre-Recorded Event

Get up close and personal with John Stapleton, ‘The Authentic Entrepreneur’; Angel Investor; Speaker; Co-founder, New Covent Garden Soup Company

Stress is for Someone Else!
Entrepreneurs thrive on pressure:  it is an essential part of their makeup and a major reason why they achieve – almost against the odds. But many are very poor at recognising stress until it can almost be too late. In conversation with John, hear about how he coped with both pressure and stress while creating and building three separate businesses over 35 years in the food industry.


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