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Tuesday 3rd November

DAY 2: Stress and Organisational Resilience


09:15 - 09:45    Keynote Address

Pre-Recorded Event

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health

Enhancing Mental Wellbeing in the New World of Work
Sir Cary’s address will highlight the business costs triggered by an absence of mental wellbeing and the reasons behind this; the changing nature of work due to the impact of Covid-19; and what the world of work will look like in the coming year and perhaps beyond. Mental wellbeing at work is now a ‘must have’ for all organisations rather than a ‘nice to have’:  people’s lives literally depend on it.

10:00 - 11:00    Interactive Panel Discussion

Live Event

including 15 minutes Q & A

Learn about the people and solutions needed for an organisation to be resilient. They could include wellbeing ambassadors, training and development, managerial commitment, having a sense of purpose.  Find out about the wellbeing services that are available remotely and digitally, and how to access support, including mental health apps, online counselling, and digital healthcare.  What is required to support the wider wellbeing agenda?

This is your opportunity to put questions to the Experts

Professor Lennart Levi, Emeritus Professor of Psychosocial Medicine, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, former Member of the Swedish Parliament
Dr Shaun Davis, Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability, Royal Mail Group
Dr Lynda Shaw, Neuroscientist, Business Psychologist, Change Specialist, Founder of The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme
Geoff McDonald, Co-founder, Minds@Work and Minds in the Wild; former Global VP of Human Resources, Unilever

13:00 - 13:30    Lunchtime Laughter Energiser

Live Event

with Lotte Mikkelsen, Happiness Expert, Laughter Yoga Master Trainer  

In this Energiser session we will be exploring how laughter can be used daily as a tool that will take us through lockdown and keep us in touch with other people in a positive way.

For this session it is important to have your sound and video turned on so we can all share laughter together. Laughter works when we hear the sound and see the smiles - the mirror neurons are acting as triggers and we connect through sharing the experience, rather than laughing at anyone or anything.

14:00 - 14:45   Choose an Expert

Join us for a 45-minute deep-dive workshop session with an Expert of your choice

Pre-Recorded Event

Ann McCracken, Author, Scientist, Educationalist, Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker, Organisational Wellbeing and Stress Consultant

How Many Steps to Resilience?
This session demonstrates how resilience is much more than simply ‘bouncing back’!
Powerful resources will include a set of life skills that can put both the individual and the organisation back in the driving seat. Employees want to engage with positivity and organisations require a resilient workforce, especially now with all the uncertainty caused by the Covid pandemic

Celynn Morin, Registered Dietician, Author, Professional Speaker, Workplace   Wellbeing Consultant, HeartMath Certified Trainer

Performance Chemistry - How to Feel Energised, not Burnt Out
Discover how to renew energy levels to sustain stamina and avoid burnout; how to build a solid foundation for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; how to shift from feeling exhausted and anxious to exhilarated and abundant; and how to lead vibrant teams with confidence, a healthy mindset, and joy. Self-care is not selfish: it is vital and essential for sustaining your performance, resilience, and happiness.

Prash Kotecha, International wellbeing and mindset coach; Speaker; Social media influencer; Founder, Urban Spirituality, Mantra Therapy and StressToSuccess

Proven Keys to Reducing Stress and Building Resilience In and Out of the Workplace
Resilience is not what you think – it's not merely about ‘bouncing back’ and ‘perseverance’.
In this session, you will harness emotional intelligence, NLP and mindfulness tactics to build resilience and reduce stress, for employees and leaders alike. Prash will talk about proven keys, including ‘the perspective tool’ to turn your inner critic into an inner coach within 15 minutes; the pillars of resilience and how to build them; key behaviours that prevent you from building a resilient mindset; practical techniques to reduce stress, increase calm and self-awareness.  Arrive with an open mind and leave with a suit of armour!

15:00 - 15:30    Getting to Know ISMA

Free to attend

Live Event

If you would like the opportunity to speak to an experienced ISMA member, book in with some of our Fellows who will be happy to chat with you about becoming an ISMA member and answering questions you may have about membership.
with Jane Thomas and Edmund Jacobs, Fellows of ISMAUK

16:00 - 16:30    My Story

Pre-Recorded Event

Get up close and personal with Dr Yvonne Thompson CBE, Holder of 2 doctorates and 3 fellowships for Entrepreneurship, Global Diversity and Equality; Chair, The Radio Academy; Diversity Advisory Panel, Ofcom; Senator, UK WBAF; Founder, WinTRADE Global 

Yvonne founded WinTRADE Global 24 years ago, a thriving network for women in business. She also set up WinTRADE Week, celebrating over 600 entrepreneurial women who want to be at the cutting edge of business ideas and global trends. She is both champion and mentor, supporting and celebrating women working within corporate structures. This is the inspiring story of the challenges she has faced, the challenges that women entrepreneurs continue to face, and how to be resilient in a difficult world.

19:30 - 20:00    Stef du Plessis

Hall of Fame Inspirational & Business Speaker, Organisational Change Practitioner, Author

Pre-Recorded Event

Practical Insight for Coping with Lockdown Stress


For 30 years, Stef has been speaking and leading international workplace transformation programmes but until now, he has never publicly shared what he learnt during his service with elite units during the last decade of South Africa’s 23-year ‘Border War’.

Pitted against Russian-equipped, Cuban-led Angolan forces, drastic times needed drastic measures.  Stef has now started to share some of is experiences to help people cope with the challenges brought about by lockdown.


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