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Your Speakers for the Week...

David Abbott
Portfolio Marketing Director and International Pricing Speaker
Chris Day
Founder, Filament Publishing, journalist, Speaker, Author Business Coach
Lee Jackson
Award-winning Motivational Speaker. Author of 12 books. Founder of 'Get Good® at Work'
Ann McCracken
Author, Scientist, Educationalist, Psychotherapist, Professional Speaker, Organisational Wellbeing and Stress Consultant
Graeme Codrington
Futurist, scenario planner, Keynote speaker on the future of work
Prash Kotecha
Corporate Wellbeing, Resilience & Conscious Leadership Expert, Trainer, Speaker. CEO Stress To Success
Charlotte Kemp
Futures Alchemist, Futures Keynote Speaker, Deputy President of PSA Southern Africa
Shalah Akhtar
NHS Account Manager, PwC; Thriving From the Start Committee
Stef du Plessis
Hall of Fame Inspirational and Business Speaker; Organisational Change Practitioner; Author
Guy Clapperton
Media Mentor and Trainer, Technology Journalist
Dave Plunkett
Passionate about Partnerships. Inspiring others to work collaboratively for the benefit of all.
Rashed Annoon Alnuaimi
Chief Human Capital Officer, Nawah Energy Company