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Your Speakers for the Week...

Michelle Mills-Porter [UK]
Human communication specialist, speaker, author and creator of the MMP analysis tools
Dr Ani Etokidem
Public Health Physician and Coordinator, ISMA-Nigeria.
Dr Lynda Shaw
Neuroscientist, Business Psychologist, Change Specialist, Founder of The Neuroscience Professional Development Programme
Paul Hargreaves
CEO Cotswold Fayre, B Corp Ambassador, Author – Forces for Good, Speaker
Danielle Sax [BELGIUM]
Global Self-care and Self-worth Expert, Life-Strategist, Speaker & Author
Dr. B. Udaya Kumar Reddy [India]
President, ISMA-India & CEO Stress Management Lab
Dr Marilyn Glenville [UK]
Founder of the Glenville Nutrition Clinics
Rob Stephenson
Founder of InsideOut and CEO of Form
Terry Brock
Marketing & Communications Advisor, Speaker Hall of Fame Member, and Pioneer in Virtual Presenting
Sam Rathling
Chief Visionary Officer of Linked Inbound. Leading Authority on LinkedIn & Social Selling
Tom Meyers
Osteopath M.Sc. D.O. Body-centred Stress Coach, Speaker, Author
Frances Taylor
Sleep Expert and Fellow of ISMA (UK)