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ISMAUK Masterclass Series 2021

What Attendees Say about ISMAUK Masterclasses


“When ISMA launched the online Masterclasses I was really keen to explore attending. Wow, I have been truly blown away by the content, the guest speakers, the connection, the sharing of ideas, inspiration and energy, the togetherness. I would urge you to invest in yourself and come along and join us - this event goes into my diary immediately and is something I personally and professionally look forward to.” Jan Summerfield, Staff Support & Counselling Service Manager, North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

”ISMA’s Masterclass on Hope, Adversity and Personal Transformation was very humbling as the presenters spoke with full disclosure and honesty about their experiences and insights in the world of mental health. It was both upsetting and uplifting at the same time. It left me feeling privileged that I had been part of this experience, with much to take away and think through for myself, my family, my friends, and my work colleagues.” Alexandra Freedman, Director, Skills4Success

“So great to hear from Professor Sir Cary Cooper and Professor Lennart Levi, eminent leaders in their field of expertise. Their knowledge and promotion of sustainability and wellbeing in organisations was inspiring. They gave us an insight into the bigger picture and highlighted the importance of training the next generation of leaders, so they will be equipped with the right ethical and emotional intelligence to manage and protect employees going forward. It really has made me think about resetting the button and how the workplace will hopefully change in the future. Thank you.” Clare Concannon, Founder, Positive Experience Training, ISMAUK Ambassador

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‘Very useful information’

‘A lot to think about’

‘It's great to have an official standard [ISO 45003] to take
to organisations rather than the usual narrative on the harmful effects of
bad cultures, toxic environments and their impact on mental health and wellbeing’

‘Great session!’

‘A brilliant informative meeting’

‘Enjoyable and very informative’

‘I look forward to the next one’

‘Really interesting’

‘A very professional insight’

‘Very useful session’

‘Insightful presentations and discussion’

‘Informative and engaging’


‘Very insightful’

‘First session for me - incredibly useful and insightful’

‘Great session, very insightful and interactive. I enjoyed the discussion!’

‘Concise, relevant, up to date’

‘Really enjoy these monthly events. Love the contents and the interactions’

‘Excellent session. Well worthwhile’

‘Really good session - thank you’

‘Great session. Thanks for the information, support and advice’

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“I am delighted to support the ISMAUK Online Stress and Wellbeing Summit and its noble mission to highlight these important and often neglected areas of significance in the workplace.”

Stephen Fry, Actor, Writer and Presenter

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