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A specially commissioned collection of articles focussing on the organisational and personal aspects of stress and wellbeing. Written by experts in their fields who are members of the ISMAUK community. It is available as an e-book on Amazon




A collection of 21 articles written by experts in their fields who are members of the ISMAUK community, this e-book offers insights, guidance and strategies on how to improve personal and organisational resilience in the post-pandemic era. The final chapter consists of twenty-one lessons drawn from each article to help enhance workplace wellbeing.

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The 21 articles have been generously contributed by members of the ISMA community to show their support for the work ISMAUK does. By purchasing a copy you can also help ISMAUK continue with their work promoting sound knowledge and best practice in workplace and personal stress management – all royalties from sales of the book on Amazon go to ISMAUK. Please note it is available only as an e-book, not as a paperback. You can buy your copy for just £6.95 by following this link.

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What Does Workplace Wellbeing Cover?

Preface: From Stress to Wellbeing
Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE

Emma Hall and Sally Sheen

1: Lessons for Leaders

1 The Rise of the Resilient Leader
Sally Sheen

2 Don't Just Rebuild: Re-imagine
Graeme Codrington

3 Some Thoughts on Leadership
Ann McCracken

4 BOLD Leaders and Their Influence on Culture
Derek Mowbray

5 The Holy Grail of ‘Healthy Leadership’: What Leadership Behaviours Build Healthy Workplace Cultures?
Claire Harris, Louise Sanderson, Su Fowler-Johnson

6 Is the Wealth of Your Organisation Slipping Through Your Fingers?
Hansa Pankhania

7 Stressors at Work and Elsewhere – A Global Survival Approach
Professor Lennart Levi

2: Lessons for Organisations

8 The Little Things Make a Big Difference - Mental Health, the Bigger Picture
Olivia Sharp

9 Wellbeing to Enhance Performance
Sue Evans

10 Maintaining Peak Performance and Productivity within Remote-Working Teams
Carole Spiers

11 Workplace Wellbeing & Resilience Training – Do We Really Need It?
Jenny Edwards

12 There Has Never Been a Better Time to Talk About Mental Wellbeing as Part of Career Conversations
Emma Hall

13 RESPOND: A 7-Step Model for having Wellbeing Conversations and Providing Peer-to-Peer Support
Jan Summerfield, Dr Matt Johnson, Priscilla Handley, Lesley Shelley-Davis

14 Five Approaches: What are the most important factors to help us reduce stress, increase wellbeing, and survive and thrive in the post-Covid world?
Sue Evans, Celynn Morin, Hansa Pankhania, Jessica Smyrl, Carole Spiers

3: Lessons For Us All

15 Mental Health and Wellbeing
Ruth Fogg

16 Using Collaboration and Partnerships to Boost Self-Worth and Confidence
Dave Plunkett

17 Building Resilience Techniques Against Workplace Stress: How Exercise, Mindfulness, Meditation and Breath Work Can Benefit Wellbeing
Lizzie Hermann-Bonner

18 Sleep – the Health and Performance Tool You Can’t Afford to Ignore
Frances Taylor

19 Health and Mental Wellbeing: A Synaesthetic Therapeutic Response
Dr Pier Michele Mandrillo

20 The Importance of Nutrition and Sleep for Mental Health and Wellbeing
Dr Marilyn Glenville

21 The Lasting Impact of Covid on Health and Wellbeing
Laura Ginesi

4: Twenty-One Lessons

Twenty-One Lessons in a Nutshell
Sally Sheen and Emma Hall


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Who will Benefit from Reading Workplace Wellbeing?

This e-book is aimed at HR professionals, leaders and others wishing to maximise wellbeing in the workplace.

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