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Online Global Stress and Wellbeing Summit
3-4 November 2021


The 2021 programme had something for everyone with an interest in stress management, mental health, wellbeing and workplace performance.


Summit Programme: What’s On

'Never have the topics of stress and wellbeing been so resonant - and so important. As we battle our way through the challenges of the pandemic, now is the time to put our own personal resilience first - and the ISMA Summit guarantees to help us do exactly that. I cannot wait for this year’s event, which promises to be the very best one yet!’
               Professor Dr Andrew Sharman


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Event Schedule

Day 1: Wednesday 3rd November

Morning 9.00 Alastair Greener 9.10 Carole Spiers 9.15 Professor Sir Cary Cooper 10.00 Kate Ashbrook, Keith Weed, Geoff McDonald, Dame Jane Roberts 11.30 Keith Fraser, Shabnam Chaudri, Susan Jain, Edmund Jacobs, Honorary Colonel Andy Reid MBE Afternoon 12.45 Grant Nash 13.30 Jamie Abrams 14.15 Lesley Everett, Jan Summerfield, Dave Plunkett 15.15 Paul Dorrington, Dr Rachel Lewis, Rob Stephenson, Francoise Woolley,  Andrew Pleener 16.30 Tea and Chat  - Getting to Know ISMA 17.45 Professor Stephen Palmer, Dr B Udaya Kumar Reddy,  Dr Ani Etokidem and Carole Spiers Evening 19.00 Hannah Stodel

All timings in GMT

Master of Ceremonies
By Alastair Greener

Alastair Greener, TV presenter, interviewer and journalist introduces the ISMAUK Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit 2021

By Carole Spiers

Live Address

Welcome fromCarole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK; Founder, International Stress Awareness Week; CEO, Carole Spiers Group

09:15 - 09:45
Enhancing Mental Wellbeing
By Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE

An Interview with Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE

Pre-recorded event moderated by Carole Spiers, Chair, ISMAUK

Professor Sir Cary Cooper CBE, world-leading expert on workplace wellbeing, 50th Anniversary Professor of Organizational Psychology and Health at Manchester Business School, University of Manchester

How about Enhancing Mental Wellbeing in the New World of Work?
Carole will interview Sir Cary about current issues relating to the status of mental health in the new world of work. These include the costs faced by businesses due to a lack of mental wellbeing in the workplace, the sources of this problem, and how the changing nature of work brought about by Covid-19 will look in the coming year and perhaps beyond. Mental wellbeing at work is now a ‘must have’ for all organizations rather than a ‘nice to have’: people’s lives literally depend on it.

10:00 - 11:00
Panel Discussion 1
By Simon Hawtrey-Woore

with Moderator (tbc)

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by (tbc)

The Great Outdoors
During the lockdowns, many thousands came to appreciate taking time out in the great outdoors, whether in an urban setting, in the park or in woodland. The many health benefits of walking include getting physical exercise, improving mood, clearing your head and reducing anxiety levels. The panel will discuss the importance of spending time outdoors, whether gardening, dog-walking or doing something more adventurous, and how we can encourage people to walk more while at the same preserving our precious open spaces.

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

  • Kate Ashbrook, General Secretary, The Open Spaces Society
  • Keith Weed CBE, President, The Royal Horticultural Society
  • Geoff McDonald, Business Transformation Advisor and Mental Health Campaigner
  • Dame Jane Roberts, Chair, Living Streets; Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist
11:30 - 12:30
Panel Discussion 2
By Keith Fraser

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Keith Fraser

Moderator: Keith Fraser , Chair, Youth Justice Board for England and Wales; retired senior cop

Frontliners Speak Out
The panel will seek to establish whether there are different mental health and wellbeing challenges or needs for those performing frontline services. The contributors will then discuss stories from the frontline to support their understanding. They will also go on to develop an understanding of whether or not there is sufficient focus on the mental health and wellbeing of those performing frontline services. Finally, the panellists will ask ‘What are the gaps?’ and ‘What more needs to be done?’

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

  • Shabnam Chaudhri, formerly Detective Superintendent and Head of Safeguarding East Area, Metropolitan Police
  • Susan Jain, Intensive Care & Anaesthetic Consultant, Homerton University Hospital Foundation Trust
  • Edmund Jacobs, Head of Health, Safety & Security, London Ambulance Service NHS Trust
  • Honorary Colonel Andy Reid MBE Army Veteran
12:45 - 13:15
Keynote Address
By Grant Nash

Live event moderated by Grant Nash

Grant Nash, Mindfulness content creator & facilitator at Mindful Revolution, coach and mentor

HOPE: Is Hope Overrated?
Grant says, “The first time I heard about HOPE was from the story of Pandora’s box. Pandora opened a box and out flew all the troubles and evils into the world. Devastated, she quickly closed the box, but as she did this, she heard a little voice in the box crying out. Realising that things could not get any worse, she opened the box again and this time out flew the tiny, golden, plucky HOPE. Hope flew out to protect humankind from all the evils in the world”..

So, does HOPE really have the ability to protect us in such a powerful way? Is HOPE overrated? In this session, we will discuss the power of HOPE.

We will also be introduced to the MOST powerful sentence in the world. A sentence that saves lives.

“Once you choose hope, everything’s possible” Christopher Reeve

13:30 - 14:00
Lunchtime Energiser
(free to attend)
By Jamie Abrams

Free to attend

Live event

with Jamie Abrams, certified Thai Yoga Masseur

The No-fluff Yoga Approach to Feeling Good:
Simple Strategies for De-stressing Around your Desk
In this practical session, Jamie will expertly guide you through simple, effective movements that can be seamlessly integrated into any working day and all from your desk! You’ll take away easy strategies for countering the negative effects of prolonged sitting and come away feeling re-energised. No previous experience required.

14:15 - 15:00
Choose an Expert

Join us for a 45-minute deep-dive workshop session with an Expert of your choice

Pre-recorded event

  • Lesley Everett, Internationally Recognised Public Speaker, Authority on Personal Branding and Creating the Corporate Brand

  • Differentiating Yourself with Brand Me
    Lesley believes that the most powerful element of your company brand today is what your clients actually say about your brand to their contacts. This client experience defines your brand, and it is created by the interactions and behaviours of all your employees, from the executive team down.

    In this session Lesley, an internationally recognised authority on branding whose brand programs have been adopted by organisations globally, will focus on how you can maximize your brand investment by creating a strong and empowering brand. Having an authentic brand will make you more visible internally and externally, enhance your gravitas and impact in meetings, presentations and with the media, and bring an extra level of personality to your organisation.



  • Jan Summerfield, MBACP, FISMA, CISM Practitioner, Coach, Staff Support & Counselling Service Manager for NHS Staff, North Staffordshire

  • RESPOND – 7 Steps to Wellbeing Conversations
    Jan has been supporting staff in the workplace in both public and private sectors for over 28 years. In this session, she will talk about the RESPOND model as a training tool, developed by North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust and University Hospital of North Midlands, supporting organisational development, leadership, culture, coaching and team development. After the first wave of the pandemic, a listen & learn exercise was completed with staff, encouraging them to share their experiences.

    One of the themes arising was that, despite helpline availability, it was colleagues’ support, often at difficult times, that had been most appreciated. Concerns about saying the right thing and not having a framework to work within led to the RESPOND model being developed, enabling peers and managers to have wellbeing conversations. It is now gaining interest from many NHS Trusts and other organisations.



  • Dave Plunkett, Partnership Expert, Chief Collaborator in Collaboration Junkie

  • Community Collaboration – why peer group support is more vital than ever
    During his extensive career in developing business memberships, Dave has developed hundreds, if not thousands, of collaborations, reaching over half a million business owners. He’s worked with everyone from market-leading brands to individual professionals and (mostly) loved them all. In this Expert session, Dave will look at some of the issues that business owners face, which have been exacerbated by Covid and the current climate.

    He will talk about the benefits of having the right network around us – they are not all obvious - and give advice on how to pick or form the right group for your needs. Of ultimate importance, Dave will offer his thoughts on how you can add value and how you can get the best value from peer groups.

15:15- 16:15
Panel Discussion 3
By Paul Dorrington

with Paul Dorrington, Moderator

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Paul Dorrington

The Changing Face of Mental Health
This panel discussion brings together leaders and influencers who have contributed to changing the face of mental health services and workplace culture in the UK and internationally. They will explore some of the changes that have been made, that are being made and take a glimpse of what we hope the future will look like for mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

  • Dr Rachel Lewis, Multi-award winning occcupational psychologist; Director, Affinity Health at Work
  • Rob Stephenson, Founder & CEO, InsideOut; CEO of Form
  • Francoise Woolley, Head of Mental Health and Wellbeing, Acas
  • Andrew Pleener, Fellow of the American Institute of Stress
16:30 - 17:30
LIVE Tea and Chat Getting to Know ISMAUK

Come to the Summit Chatroom where Carole Spiers and Jane Thomas will be hosting a session in which you can find out more about ISMAUK as well as catch up with your colleagues from the Summit and share thoughts and ideas.

  • Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK; Founder, International Stress Awareness Week; CEO, Carole Spiers Group

  • Jane Thomas, Director of Premier Life Skills

17:45 - 18:45
Round Table International Exchange
By Professor Stephen Palmer

Pre-recorded event moderated by Professor Stephen Palmer

Find out what’s happening on the international stage. Covid has brought the world together in many ways. Listen to representatives from countries around the globe on subjects such as - where we are at present and what the future might hold for us in terms of leadership, culture and reducing stress.

Moderator Professor Stephen Palmer, President, ISMA International, award-winning chartered psychologist

  • Dr. B. Udaya Kumar Reddy President, ISMA-India & CEO Stress Management Lab
  • Dr Ani Etokidem Senior Lecturer, University of Calabar, Coordinator ISMA Nigeria
  • Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK; Founder, International Stress Awareness Week; CEO, Carole Spiers Group

19:00 - 19:30
Motivational Speaker
By Hannah Stodel

Pre-recorded event

Hannah Stodel, Four x Paralympian, Triple World Champion, Disability Advocate, Ocean Racer

Dealing with Adversity: Ocean Racing and the Lessons Learnt at Sea
When you are offshore, miles from land and alone, you have no-one but yourself to rely on when things go wrong. Hannah has learnt the hard way, both skippering teams and sailing solo, that determination and resilience are the keys to surviving and thriving in some of the world’s most unforgiving environments. She will share stories and tips from her career on the water that have helped her to build up mental toughness, take on challenges, and believe in herself.

Day 2: Thursday 4th November

Morning 9.00 Alastair Greener 9.10 Carole Spiers 9.15 Professor Dr Andrew Sharman 10.00 Deep Dhir Raja, Lexie Sims, Nicki Williams, Steve Maule, Marie Faire 11.30 Charlotte Turnbull, Professor Diana Kloss, Andrew Buchan, Hannah Beko, Leah Steele, Toby Barrett Afternoon 12.45 Professor Sir Simon Wessely, Michelle Mills-Porter 13.30 Prash Kotecha 14.15 Tiffany Kelly, Professor Stoffel Grobler, Jessica Smyrl, Dr Laura Ginesi 15.15 Susan Kabani, David Bellamy, Gill McKay, Rahim Eboo 16.30 Tea and Chat Evening 18.00 Dr Michael Mosely 19.00 Tayyaba Jordan, Nick McClelland, Dr Nick Taylor, Grant Nash, Caroline Whaley 20.15 Carole Spiers

All timings in GMT

Master of Ceremonies
By Alastair Greener

Alastair Greener, TV presenter, interviewer and journalist introduces Day 2 of the ISMAUK Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit

By Carole Spiers

Live Address

Welcome from Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK; Founder, International Stress Awareness Week; CEO, Carole Spiers Group

09:15 - 09:45
Keynote Address
By Professor Dr Andrew Sharman

Pre-recorded event

Professor Dr Andrew Sharman, Managing Partner, RMS Switzerland; Founder & Chairman, One Percent Safer; Bestselling Author, TEDx Speaker, IOSH Past President

The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working!
The biggest health and wellbeing risk of the pandemic is not the Coronavirus Covid-19 threw our world into chaos, but the tailspin is not yet over. In a post-modern world our ability to embrace uncertainty and dynamically adapt will be key to our own survival. The silent but pernicious costs of Covid have undermined our energy, focus, creativity, passion and impact: it’s time to profoundly transform the way we live and work.

10:00 - 11:00
Panel Discussion 1
By Deep Dhir Raja

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Deep Dhir Raja

Let’s Talk About It
You never know what's in another person’s mind unless they talk to you about what's bothering them. Often the build-up and anxiety people have before discussing their problem is worse than the actual problem itself. Talking about things not only opens channels of communication but helps relieve the stress surrounding it. Join me and let’s talk the stress out by talking about it

Moderator: Deep Dhir Raja, Presenter, Dilse Radio; Speaker; ISMAUK Trustee

  • Lexie Sims, Director, The Good Board, Executive Search and D, E & I Consulting, Adviser on diversity, equality and inclusion, former Senior Talent Partner, Sainsbury’s
  • Nicki Williams, Nutritionist, Speaker, Author, Founder, Happy Hormones for Life
  • Steve Maule, Acting CEO, Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse (EIDA)
  • Marie Faire, Co-founder, The Beyond Partnership
11:30 - 12:30
Panel Discussion 2
By Charlotte Turnbull

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Charlotte Turnbull

From a Legal Perspective
Working in the legal profession can be very stressful, with overwhelming workloads and emotionally challenging cases. Lawyers are rarely taught how to deal with stress, as it is generally seen as part of the job and often the culture within law firms focuses on billable hours and on profit at all cost. The panel will be discussing the challenges faced in the legal profession, including how stress can lead to unethical behaviour. We will also be discussing what the law says currently and sharing our views for the future, including the changes we believe are required.

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

Moderator: Charlotte Turnbull, Head of Employment, W Legal; Specialist in Employment Law

  • Professor Diana Kloss MBE, Hon FFOM, Barrister, Hon President, Council for Work and Health
  • Andrew Buchan, barrister specialising in stress and bullying at work, lecturer on occupational stress
  • Hannah Beko, commercial property lawyer, consultant, co-author, Futureproof Your Legal Career
  • Leah Steele, mentor and trainer on burnout and stress resilience, founder of Searching for Serenity, former lawyer
  • Toby Barrett, adviser on leadership, organisational purpose and employee wellbeing, formerly senior leader in a law firm
12:45 - 13:15
My Story
By Professor Sir Simon Wessely

Pre-recorded event moderated by Michelle Mills-Porter

Get up close and personal with Professor Sir Simon Wessely, Regius Professor of Psychiatry, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neurosciences, King’s College, London

Simon Wessely is a psychiatrist and epidemiologist. He talks to Michelle Mills-Porter about his research into unexplained symptoms, military health, and how populations and people react to adversity. He also discusses his role as Director of the PHE NIHR Health Protection Unit for Emergency Response and Preparedness, which was very active during the COVID-19 crisis, and his role in the recent Independent Review of the Mental Health Act. As someone who frequently appears on the media and writes about improving public knowledge and interest in mental health, as well as other topics around science, medicine and culture, Professor Wessely’s views are sure to be authoritative, insightful and perceptive.

13:30 - 14:00
Lunchtime Energiser
(free to attend)
By Prash Kotecha

Free to attend

Live event

with Prash Kotecha, International Wellbeing and Mindset Coach; Speaker; Social Media influencer; Founder, Urban Spirituality, Mantra Therapy, and CEO, Stress To Success

Instant Stress Relief through Mantra Music Meditation and Yogic Breathing
With over 5000 years of ample proof, the power of mantra meditation and yogic rhythmic breathing are finding ever-increasing appeal in and out of the workplace. You will experience at first hand the genuine healing, calming, yet energising effect of this ancient science, presented with a modern twist. Learn tools and techniques from the expert

14:15 - 15:00
Choose an Expert Session

Join us for a 45-minute deep-dive workshop session with an Expert of your choice

Pre-recorded event

  • Tiffany Kelly, Chief Executive Officer at Phoenix Rising Global; Founder, Beyond Bamboo; Co-Founder, RoundTable Global; Author & Speaker

  • Feeling into Fear
    Tiffany’s Feeling into Fear session will take you through a process, first, of understanding in real time how stress and fear can affect your physical and mental being and then, through imagination, how you can access the subconscious to learn what this feeling is teaching you, so that you are empowered to change.


  • Professor Stoffel Grobler, Psychiatrist, Specialist in Workplace Mental Health, Professor in the School of Health Systems and Public Health, University of Pretoria, South Africa

  • Burnout: Is It Me or Is It My Job?
    Burnout has become endemic in the world and, since the onset of Covid, the problem has been compounded to a significant degree, with many people working from home and the subsequent blurring of boundaries between work and home life.
    This session will cover the following areas: you and your job; an occupation phenomenon; symptoms; contributing factors – work, personality, moral injury, solutions; personal issues - work environment, community, rediscovering meaning; ‘what can I do?’; self-awareness and ‘feelings’; lifestyle and work-life balance.


  • Jessica Smyrl, workplace health & wellbeing consultant and trainer, founder, YSM Solutions


  • Dr Laura Ginesi, physiologist, former senior lecturer in applied physiology, stress management and nutrition science

  • How ISO 45003 Can Help Organisations Become More Resilient
    Recent studies show that stress is a factor in 50% - 60% of all lost working days, which can have an impact on workplace safety. Two leading authorities on workplace health, wellbeing and stress management provide an overview of the new ISO 45003 and how it can help organisations be more resilient. They highlight the importance of identifying stress and psychosocial risks within the workplace and show how they can be addressed as safety issues, including actions that can be taken to manage psychosocial hazards, prevent stress in the workplace, improve wellbeing and gain employee engagement.

15:15 - 16:15
Panel Discussion 3
By Susan Kabani

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Susan Kabani

Tech Talk and Mental Health
Research clearly demonstrates technology can have both a positive and negative impact on our mental and physical health. In recent years, there has been a dramatic rise in technology platforms whose sole purpose is to support our mental health in a number of ways.
In this panel discussion, we will hear from a variety of founders and experts, some of whom are building technology in this space, on the good, the bad and the ugly of how technology can be used to manage our mental health without causing harm.

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

Moderator: Susan Kabani, Award-winning Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO, Ugenie - online community platform and web portal for SMEs

  • David Bellamy, Founder and CEO, Happiness Lab

  • Gill McKay, Neuroscience coach, speaker, author

  • Rahim Eboo, Digital Wellbeing Coach

16:30 - 17:30
LIVE Tea and Chat with Carole Spiers and Michelle Mills-Porter

Come to the Summit Chatroom where you can catch up with your colleagues from the Summit and share thoughts and ideas. Hosted by Michelle Mills-Porter, the People Reader and Human Communication Expert, and Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK , CEO, Carole Spiers Group

18:00 -18:30
Eating Your Way to Better Health
By Dr Michael Mosley

Live event

Dr Michael Mosely , Medical science presenter, journalist and bestselling author

The talk will discuss the role that food and diet plays in our mental and physical health, with a particular emphasis on the impact of our diet on our microbiome and therefore on sleep, anxiety and depression. Michael will talk about his personal experience of reversing type 2 diabetes by changing what and when he eats, and also about research he has filmed looking at the impact of a change in diet on depression and anxiety.

19:00 - 20:00
Panel Discussion 4
By Tayyaba Jordan

including 15 minutes’ Q & A

Live event moderated by Tayyaba Jordan

Corporate Wellness
The panel will discuss the importance of including health and wellbeing as critical elements of talent management, and of developing strategies that will optimise health, wellbeing and productivity. By changing their approach to mental health, organisations can empower people to live more fulfilling and balanced lives. As part of this, they will talk about the positive impact that gender parity can have on everyone in the organisation, and how including women in the leadership team can strengthen employee value, leading to greater empowerment and wider business growth.

This is your opportunity to put questions to the experts

Moderator: Tayyaba Jordan, Executive Health Coach and Ambassador; Micro-changesTM Expert; Workplace Wellbeing Consultant and Speaker

  • Nick McClelland, Chief Growth Officer, Mercer UK
  • Dr Nick Taylor, Co-founder and CEO, Unmind
  • Grant Nash, Mindfulness content creator & facilitator at Mindful Revolution
  • Caroline Whaley, Founder, Shine For Women
20:15 - 20:30
Grand Finale
By Carole Spiers [UK]

Live event

Carole Spiers, Chair of ISMAUK; Founder, International Stress Awareness Week; CEO Carole Spiers Group


What's Happening Next?
Carole brings the Stress and Wellbeing Summit to an end and picks up on stories, insights, experiential learning and fun activities. She will share with you some of her special highlights and maybe even some ‘behind the scenes’ activities. Join Carole and some Special Guests for the last time before we say farewell to the Global Stress and Wellbeing Summit 2021