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Your Speakers
at the Summit
3-4 November 2021

See who is contributing to our Online Global Stress & Wellbeing Summit this year
Steve Maule
Acting CEO, The Employers’ Initiative on Domestic Abuse
Professor Stoffel Grobler
Extraordinary Professor, School of Public Health, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Pretoria
Susan Jain
Intensive Care & Anaesthetic Consultant, Homerton University Hospital
Susan Kabani
CEO & Founder, Ugenie
Toby Barrett
Adviser on leadership, organisational purpose and employee wellbeing, formerly senior leader in a law firm
Tiffany Kelly
Co-CEO and Future Architect, Phoenix Rising Global
Tayyaba Jordan
International Health Coach, Consultant and Speaker
Dr. B. Udaya Kumar Reddy
President, ISMA-India & CEO Stress Management Lab