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Fiona Austin

Psychotherapy and Coaching


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  • Stress is not just something that weighs down on our head but it's something that's very much experienced in the body. That can be the key to a relaxing way out of the pressure.   Life is on a big change, Anxiety, Insomnia, Screen overload, working from home ... the list is endless.  The bottom line is change.  Change can bring with it positive things but when we're all programmed to experience a negative bias it can be hard to get out of the spiral.
  • I work both body and mind.  From helping you sleep better to living yourself out of stress.   Taking in not just your direct stressors but your environment but your circumstances.  How can you get out of a bad feeling when you're living in a challenging circumstance?
  • Whether you're starting out with work or right to the other end - thinking of retiring - or even something in between really want a change, but how (or secretly want to live the dream, but how to dare) let's make a discovery call and get things started.

I work Online and/or In Person irrespective of Lockdown.  Mental health is always an essential.  My rooms are large, airy and private and if you feel like it we can do a Walk and Talk session in the park.   These are your sessions your way. 

Additional Info
Contact Name:Fiona Austin
Work Area:Body Mind Specialist: Anxiety, Relaxation, Career Challenges
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Stress Management
Additional Services:Anxiety, Insomnia, Confidence - and - digital detoxing for productivity