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I have many years' experience of stress management; I work with both individuals and groups exploring stress, adaptation to change and resilience.

I am passionate about promoting individual well-being and have more than 20 years' experience of teaching frontline healthcare professionals, custominsing my approach to weave well-being through every session and programme. 

My background is in Health Sciences,  having gained both a BSc(Hons) and PhD in human physiology by the time I was 24 years old. This means that my approach to stress management is always strongly supported by scientific evidence. Working in laboratory researching blood pressure and salt intake, I discovered the work of Howard Benson, who built on ideas about "fight' flight' and relaxation responses which led me indirectly into stress physiology.  During a career break to have children, I gained as an antenatal educator and Yoga teacher, learning more and more about other techniques, such as focusing, that can help people to feel calm.

Having lived with Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for more than 20 years, I completely "get" that changing a lifestyle to promote your own mental health is a big deal. I love to work with people and use coaching techniques in all areas of my practice, focusing on taking small steps to achieve big changes. Most of the techniques I teach cost nothing apart from time and focus!  

I was Course Director for health & Well-being programmes at Birmingham City University and now work at the University of East Anglia teaching healthcare professionals. Feedback tells me that my group sessions are dynamic, engaging and enjoyable. 

I am a full member of the Physiological Society and of British Association of Sports and Exercise Scientists (BASES) and am proud to be a Fellow of ISMA.   I am the author of many articles and publications and contributing author for three textbooks.

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