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Ruth Fogg MSc is a speaker, therapist, trainer and author who helps those who are  struggling to understand the WHAT, WHY, WHEN, WHERE, and WHO of stress as well as  HOW to deal with it.

Her background is in education and youth work and she enjoys working with young people. She has been a stress consultant since 2002 and has written three books as part of a series STRESS N' STUFF - Tackling Teenage Mental Health, Tackling Tough Times and Tackling Student Stress.(On Amazon) She also has a series of audios for Children called Merlyn the Magic Monkey. She has qualifications in teaching, youth work, hypnosis, EFT, stress management and a diploma and MSc in Counselling Psychology.

Additional Info
Contact Name:Ruth Fogg
Work Area:Understand and Manage Stress
Speciality:Anger Management
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Mental Health
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder & EMDR
Stress Management Training
Stress Management
Additional Services:Speaker Author