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Dr Joe Delaney PhD CSci FIBMS PhySoc: Personal Profile

Joe is a Consultant Principal Lecturer in Integrative Medicine with Wirral Metropolitan College and an Associate Lecturer in Evolutionary Psychology, Addictive Behaviour and Integrative Health Practice with Liverpool and Edge Hill Universities. 

Previously, he worked for many years as a Senior Research Fellow in Medicine, exploring the use of non-medical interventions alongside pharmacological methods for treating hypertension in patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular disease and chronic kidney disease.

In line with the above role, Joe was appointed as the country’s first NHS Specialist in Integrative Health Practice. 

For over 30 years, Joe has been involved in helping individuals to rediscover themselves and to help them back from the debilitating effects of stress, trauma and addiction in its various forms.

He currently holds a clinic session every week in the local community, where he sees patients with a variety of physical and psychological conditions and complex needs.

He is an experienced community builder who has worked at the grassroots level for many years.  He believes that ‘no-one has nothing to do’ and that each individual has a unique contribution to make to improving themselves, their communities and beyond. 

He is currently working with several clinical commissioning groups across the UK, delivering the IAM Approach to Health and Wellbeing.  This mindfulness-based approach goes beyond ordinary motivational interviewing techniques and uses a combination of Appreciative Inquiry and Individual Asset Mapping (IAM) to discover what’s strong in an individual and not what’s wrong with the individual.

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Speciality: Coaching
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Additional Services: Cardiac Coherence Training and Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback