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I'm a Sleep Coach and creator of effective, science-based online programmes and 121 coaching  designed for high achievers so you can sleep well, work well and live well.

I set up my first wellbeing consultancy over 15 years ago facilitating stress management and resilience events for leaders and teams in businesses as diverse as Universities and world famous film studios.  In my many conversations with people of all ages and occupations, I became increasingly fascinated by sleep.
How come what is "supposed" to come naturally was causing so many people such trouble? 

I knew our busy lives had a lot to do with it so I started running community based classes teaching people how to relax into sleep rather than struggle with it. I loved the work and loved the brilliant results even more! But I also met people for whom just thinking about sleep made them very anxious. Bed time really had become dread time.  

I needed more tools to give them so I trained in CBTi - a form of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy specially adapted for insomnia. It's the treatment recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE). I combine this approach with the many other practical strategies I’ve developed with great success in my years working in companies.

The result? My comprehensive, science-based Programme that teaches you the skills and mindset so you regain refreshing sleep, within 5 weeks and without the need for medication. 

These days sleep is at last gaining  recognition as the third pillar of wellbeing along with diet and exercise. I feel very fortunate to be working in this field as the results I get show that there's no need to struggle with sleep - everyone can learn how to dramatically improve their sleep.

A stickler for excellence, I’m a Fellow of The International Stress Management Association (UK) and as a former Trustee had responsibility for professional standards and course accreditation.

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