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Dr Ingrid Pirker-Binder Mmag Austria Branch


Ingrid is a certified expert in psychotherapy and a writer on biofeedback and mindful prevention of burnout. She has MA degrees in international business and educational sciences and a PhD in psychotherapy science from the Sigmund Freud Privat University (SFU), Vienna. She has also completed psychotherapeutic training in existential analysis and logotherapy with Viktor Frankl and is a judicially certified expert in psychotherapy. Her research activities focus primarily on workplace health management, fatigue prevention, biofeedback and heart rate variability, and burnout. They also include the autonomic nervous system and the maintenance of its regulatory ability.

She is affiliated with the Chronoinstitute for ChronoPsychology and ChronoMedicine at the SFU and the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences in Krems, and teaches the Masters degree in psychotherapy. Ingrid is a well-known writer on biofeedback and mindful prevention of burnout in workplace health management. Her current research involves meaning-oriented business, occupational psychotherapy and counselling. In association with the Chronoinstitute and the University of Applied Studies, Klagenfurt she is working on academic training in meaning and value-oriented business and health counselling.