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Reduce Your Stress and Enhance Wellbeing

To support your actions to reduce stress and enhance wellbeing and performance at work, ISMAUK continues to provide excellent support materials for your use.  Our resources are being added to all the time so do keep visiting this page for regular updates.

Start using any of the information, downloads or resources from this page to help you with your efforts to reduce stress.  There is no need to ask permission unless you intend to change the download.  All items are copyright to ISMAUK unless otherwise stated and are intended for public use without amendment.

We wish you luck on your journey to minimise your stress levels and dont forget to contact one of our Consultants if you need any additional support.

Please Read Our Factsheets

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7 Positives For A Better Life

Behavioural changes will make a big difference to you when you want to reduce stress levels. It all starts with you! So this is a good place for you to start making that big change.


facts about stress page

Facts About Stress

Stress costs industry in terms of ill-health, sickness, injury or presenteeism. Look at these statistics and see for yourself. You may be surprised to see the costs of stress today.


identify stress page

How Important is Your Worry

We all have sources of worry in our lives, all of which have the potential to cause worry and stress. Use this worksheet to help you learn how to stop excessive worry.


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How to Identify Stress

It is not always easy to recognise stress in yourself and sometimes it takes someone from the outside to do this for you. Use this factsheet to see if you can identify some of those early warning signs.


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The 60 Second Tranquiliser

You may think that you cant do much in 60 seconds to unwind but you certainly can.  However, it will take making time for yourself and switching off from what is going on around you. Can you do it?


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Top Ten Stress Busting Tips

If you are feeling stressed and you need some quick tips to help you to manage your day, then check in here and see if our top ten tips will help you. But dont forget, they need to become a part of your everyday life.


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Wheel Of Life

To help you make the important changes in your life and to make those changes effective, it is important to be aware of what aspects of your life need attention. The Wheel of Life will enable you to consider how your life appears at the moment.



stress questionnaire
Stress Questionnaire

Everyone reacts to stress in their own way. Do you know if you are stressed? Maybe not! However, download our Stress Questionnaire to find out. Here you will learn if you are really stressed or not!


stress questionnaire
Start Living - Stop Stressing! Booklet

Your 10 Key Steps to Stress-free Living

Illustrated booklet that is ideal for giving out on International Stress Awareness Day or for any other events 


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We are a registered charity whose purpose is to promote sound knowledge and best practice in promoting Stress Prevention and Wellbeing. Your donations help us achieve our goals and we really appreciate your support.

About ISMA

The International Stress Management Association [ISMAUK] is a registered charity and the lead professional body for workplace and personal Stress Management, Well-being and Performance. We promote sound knowledge and best practice, nationally and internationally.

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