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Wednesday 7th November 2018

Your big day.  Your big opportunity


INSAD 2018 Here We Come – Wednesday 7th November 2018


ISMA Stress Survey

Published on 1st November 2017, the ISMA Survey revealed that 94% of people experience work-related stress but only 32% feel they can speak to their manager about it. Work-related issues contribute more to people’s stress levels than difficulties regarding relationships, health and finances combined.

If you would like to read all the findings you can download the Stress Survey Report here.

INSAD Stress Fair

The first Stress Fair, co-hosted by Virgin Active and ISMA at Virgin Active Health Club, London EC2, featured stress consultations, massage therapy, exercise demonstrations, and displays related to health and wellbeing.

INSAD Online Stress Summit 

Our first ONLINE STRESS SUMMIT was held on INSAD - you can listen to all thirteen interviews with stress experts here.

INSAD Online Chatbot

The first online Chatbot, manned by ISMA Stress Advisors, was open to anyone around the UK or overseas who was suffering from stress, enabling them to find a listening ear and receive tips and guidance on where to go for help.

Live Events Around the World

INSAD-related presentations delivered around the UK and overseas by ISMA's Stress Advisors and Presenters. ISMA members in several countries, including Belgium, Italy, Gibraltar, Nigeria and the USA, held webinars, corporate wellness days, health centre discussions and one-2-one consultations.

Message from Carole Spiers, ISMA[UK] Chair, Founder Stress Awareness Day 

carole spiers ukDear Friends

"International Stress Awareness Day [INSAD] 2017 was one of our most successful yet, with a number of new events, both live and online, all helping to spread our message ‘Speak Up and Speak Out About Stress’. INSAD 2017 went international for the first time and I was very excited that countries from around the world took part, really putting the ‘I’ into ISMA. I'm delighted, as founder of National Stress Awareness Day back in 1998, that the campaign has grown to where it is today. 

Ths year, ISMA celebrates its 20th anniversary, so we need to make it a very special year.  For INSAD 2018 we're aiming to do even better. We’re going to devote the whole week 5th – 9th November dedicated to reducing the taboo associated with stress and mental health, with INSAD on Wednesday 7 November and our annual conference on Friday 9 November in central London.

Our theme for 2018, Does Hi-Tech Cause Hi-Stress?, will look at two sides of technology: on the one hand, the stressful effects of the 24/7 lifestyle that technology has brought, and on the other, the positive contribution that technology can make, helping us manage our lives better. There is no doubt that technology impacts on all our lives, and it is appropriate that ISMA is involved in a debate about the positive and the adverse effects it can have, and how we can use technology to our advantage.   

In 2017, members of the Royal family made public statements of support on mental health-related issues. This was an unprecedented step away from the ‘buttoned-up’ dialogue traditionally expected from establishment figures. This intervention gives us hope that we may look forward to a new culture of openness about stress and mental health issues. With a shift in attitudes, we hope there will be a renewed interest in stress management, as promoted by ISMA.

Ending the stigma associated with mental health is an organisational imperative and ISMA [UK]'s focus for 2018 will continue to be to ensure that stress and mental health issues remain high on the national agenda together with the promotion of wellbeing in the workplace.  

Come on Board for 2018 - National Stress Awareness Day's 20th Anniversary Year!

Get involved in the campaign for INSAD 2018 now! Just send me an email if you would like to join us, at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Let's make INSAD 2018 the best yet."

Kindest regards

Carole Spiers FISMA, FPSA, MIHPE, Founder, National Stress Awareness Day, Chair ISMA [UK]

PS  If you're interested in reading the history of NSAD, click below to read it.  

'National Stress Awareness Day Through the Lens of the Founder'.


insad get involved 2017

Anyone Can Get Involved in INSAD 2018 on Wednesday 7th November 2018

Our theme is: DOES High-tech Cause Hi-Stress?

If you're new to ISMA, International Stress Awareness Day is our flagship annual event, so why not get involved?

INSAD enables major goals to be achieved, including raising profile, achieving publicity about stress and stress prevention, and promoting the importance of wellbeing for individuals and organisations.

It also provides an opportunity for ISMA members to showcase their skills and start dialogues with businesses and individuals in their local area, delivering workshops and presentations in the UK and around the world.

Whether you're new to ISMA or you're already a member, contact Carole Spiers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how you can become involved and bring INSAD 2018 to your country or region.

insad 2018 sponsor image

Could You Become an Official Sponsor for INSAD 2018?

We are seeking sponsors for INSAD 2018, with activities through the whole week 5th- 9th November.  As a major event, INSAD always attracts substantial exposure on national TV, radio and social media platforms. It encourages hundreds of companies to join in, putting employee wellbeing firmly on their agendas. There are three levels of sponsorship -  

There are three different levels of sponsorship:  

  • GOLD:      Official Partner;
  • SILVER:    Sponsorship Partner 
  • BRONZE:  Sponsorship Friend

If your company or organisation would like to sponsor INSAD 2018, taking advantage of a great opportunity to promote your business as well as supporting a national campaign to combat stress, then please:

contact us

Press and Media Inquiries

Please contact Carole Spiers, Founder National Stress Awareness Day [INSAD] and Chair ISMAUKat This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on + 44 (0) 77 688 78910 and she will respond immediately.

Make a Donation to ISMAUK

We are a registered charity whose purpose is to promote sound knowledge and best practice in promoting Stress Prevention and Wellbeing. Your donations help us achieve our goals and we really appreciate your support.

About ISMA

The International Stress Management Association [ISMAUK] is a registered charity and the lead professional body for workplace and personal Stress Management, Well-being and Performance. We promote sound knowledge and best practice, nationally and internationally.

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