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ISMA Charter

The ISMAUK Charter for Wellbeing and Performance at Work presents a powerful vision of how great organisations should function when they have people at heart.  It provides a template for leaders and managers on how organisations should look, feel and behave once they have a positive working culture - a culture that optimises wellbeing and performance at work.

Click on the button below to download a copy of the ISMAUK Charter for Wellbeing and Performance at Work.

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About the Charter

The Charter was developed with input from ISMAUK past Vice-Presidents Professor Derek Mowbray and Jane Abraham, the ISMAUK Board of Trustees and Regional Coordinators, CIPD, and Mindful Employer.  The Charter takes into account studies into the most successful organisations from around the globe, and presents a vision of how an organisation can look and feel once it has a positive working culture.

The ‘how’ depends on what the organisation contributes in order to help everyone achieve wellbeing and feel well psychologically. Contributing factors include health, standards, and the feeling of being valued - having a purpose not just at work, but in life generally.  Effective employee performance is achieved with concentration and focus on given tasks, and this can only happen if the employee feels psychologically well.

  • The ISMAUK Charter promotes wellbeing, particularly psychological wellbeing, which enables effective performance at work
  • To achieve this, there needs to be commitment, trust and social engagement between individuals, their colleagues and others in the workplace
  • This Charter provides information and guidelines for all those who wish to demonstrate this openly and pledge their positive commitment to wellbeing and performance at work

Demonstrate your Commitment to Wellbeing and Performance

Organisations of all sizes are invited to sign the ISMAUK Charter and thereby demonstrate their commitment to:

  • Making real and positive changes in the workplace
  • Improving the lives of people within the workplace and outside it
  • Reducing absenteeism and psychological presenteeism while improving performance
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The ISMAUK Charter
  • Demonstrates that your organisation cares about your workforce
  • Provides a platform for training
  • Provides a framework within which leaders and managers may be assessed

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Signing the Charter

When you become a signatory, your organisation will automatically become a member of ISMAUK. As a signatory you will receive your own personalised Charter and be able to use the ISMAUK logo.

The name of your organisation and its logo will also be added to our webpage listing current Charter signatories.

Taking Positive Steps

Becoming a signatory is really just the beginning of your journey.  The Charter offers a vision of how your organisation could be.  How you go about moving towards it will depend on priorities, strategies, polices and budgets operating within your organisation.

Whenever you need advice, information, training or practical support, it is readily available from ISMAUK and fellow ISMAUK members, as well as from other organisations with similar aims.

We are keen to receive your feedback, suggestions and ideas. The Charter is reviewed annually. Your experience will help us promote, develop and improve the Charter, adding further to the evidence that supports it.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with thoughts or comments.

Reviewing and Reflecting

Every two years after you first sign the Charter, we ask you to review your commitment.  This is an opportunity to review the steps you have taken to enhance wellbeing and performance and reflect on them.

This is not a formal inspection. Rather, it is an opportunity for you, in line with good practice, it is an opportunity to gather evidence on what is working, on what has been tried and found not to be helpful and to identify additional steps you can take.

Should you choose not to undertake this review, ISMAUK reserves the right to revoke your use of the Charter and logo.

  • Click here to download a copy of the ISMAUK Charter for Wellbeing and Performance at Work
  • An annual subscription fee enables sign-up and use of the Charter. Click here for information about subscriptions and registration fees
  • To start, you will need to complete an Application Form. Complete it here

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