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1.1 The purpose of this Code is to establish and maintain standards for members of the International Stress Management Association [UK]. It cannot claim to be totally comprehensive, rather it sets out principles to which members should adhere. It is expected that they will also adhere to any other professional Codes they are bound by and will also exercise good judgement. Appropriate discussion is a requirement of professional practice wherever any dilemma remains.

1.2 A professional person is one who can justify a claim to provide a service of value to society, and who accepts the duties entailed in that claim, including:

1.2.1 achieving and maintaining high standards of education, training and practice;

1.2.2 taking responsibility for continuing development of personal competences;

1.2.3 honouring the special trust reposed by clients, employers, colleagues and the general public.

1.3 The professional discharge of such duties as lie in the field of stress management entails:

1.3.1 the application of expert knowledge and judgement;

1.3.2 honouring the integrity of others;

1.3.3 joining with ISMAUK in the achievement of its aims.

1.4 The discharge of a member’s duties as a professional person also involves the acceptance and the habitual exercise of other ethical values: foremost of these are honesty, loyalty, fairness, commitment, objectivity and confidentiality.


At all times a member shall uphold the good standing and reputation of a practitioner of stress management and while practising this skill shall:

2.1 have due regard to comply with the law;

2.2 make no false claim;

2.3 not misuse or abuse power or position;

2.4 follow guidelines as laid down from time-to-time by the Professional Practice Committee of ISMAUK;

2.5 have a duty to provide information on request to any committee or subcommittee of ISMAUK established to investigate any alleged breach of this Code.


The professional member should:

3.1 pursue competence and integrity in all their activities;

3.2 safeguard information at all times;

3.3 uphold the objectives of ISMAUK and where possible make an active contribution towards its growth;

3.4 openly declare any personal interest, which might seem to involve a conflict of loyalties within the organisation;

3.5 be aware of their responsibilities, authorities and accountabilities and methods of review and evaluation;

3.6 be in possession of any professional indemnity insurance necessary whilst practising;

3.7 identify and resolve any personal conflicts which might seem to jeopardise their good standing.


The professional member should:

4.1 ensure that the integrity of others is sustained;

4.2 safeguard the health, safety and well-being of others;

4.3 encourage and assist others to develop their potential;

4.4 ensure a concern for quality in all matters.


5.1 A member should never, in the practice of stress management, seek to, or cause a client to be exploited.

5.2 Members practising stress management as a profession should take the same care to deliver an ethical and professional service whether the service be paid, voluntary, or part of their role as members of an organisation.

5.3 The safety of the clients must be given every consideration, both physically and psychologically.

5.4 The terms of business as a contract between a member who offers stress management services must be made clear to clients prior to commencement.

5.5 Where advertising professional services members should ensure accuracy.

5.6 Members should not imply in advertising literature that they have the sponsorship of ISMAUK to practice or offer services without the explicit permission of ISMAUK.

5.7 Members should seek at all times to honour undertakings, paid or voluntary.

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