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Professional Membership level of ISMAUK is available to those persons who have satisfied the Association's Awarding Committee as to their level of skills, knowledge and experience in relation to the prevention and management of stress both at work and in other settings.

This may be achieved by demonstrating the acquisition of skills, knowledge and experience based on a recognised professional training plus two years’ relevant experience.

To meet the criteria of Professional Membership Level, applicants should have successfully completed a programme of relevant training, comprising no less than 10 hours taught and 10 hours self-directed study (e.g. reading, pre/post course work).

Such training programmes should offer evidence that applicants are able to provide Professional Stress Management Services in one or more of the following categories:

  • practitioner working in private practice to support individuals and small groups
  • employee providing support to individuals and small groups
  • external consultant providing services for organisational development: strategic
    development and personal development support
  • employee providing services for organisational development: strategic development and personal development support.

Relevant Topics to be Covered on the Training Courses Include the Following:

Understanding Stress
  • Definitions of Stress, Resilience and Well-being
  • Models of Stress
  • Basic Anatomy and Physiology
  • Physiological impact of stress
  • Impact of stress on emotional and mental health
  • Symptoms of stress - physical, psychological, emotional behavioural
  • Resilience - what makes a person resilient


Frameworks for Stress Prevention & Management [Organisational]
  • The Well-being and Performance agenda (culture, management, including the role of line managers, and working evironment)
  • The legal framework
  • Organisational risk factors (overview of HSE Standards)
  • Cost to organisation (financial and human resources)
  • Psychological presenteeism
  • Strategies available - (individual and organisational)
  • 3 levels of intervention (primary, secondary and tertiary)
  • Linking to Well-being & Performance - how to implement the charter within an organisation
  • How to monitor and evaluate progress
  • Useful resources


Frameworks for Stress Prevention & Management [Individual]
  • The legal framework (an overview of HSE standards)
  • Evidence base for effective interventions (physical, mental, behavioural, emotional)
  • Linking to Well-being & Performance
  • Linking specialist area into the charter framework (implementation and best practice)
  • How to monitor and evaluate progress
  • Useful resources


Qualifying Member Criteria

  • Two year’s relevant experience
  • Have successfully completed a qualifying programme(s) of relevant training which means you are eligible for ISMAᵁᴷ ’Professional Membership level'. For more information, see above content].
  • Proof of on-going CPD (on becoming a member and for renewal purposes)
  • Agreement to comply with ISMAᵁᴷ ’s Professional Code of Conduct and to facilitate the implementation ISMAᵁᴷ Charter as it applies to your own professional practice. 
  • Have the Professional Insurance and adhere to ISMAᵁᴷ ’s CPD requirements.
  • Two references required


  • ISMAUK Membership Certificate 
  • Use of  ISMAUKProfessional Member logo
  • Designation of MISMA after name
  • Daily access to ‘The ISMAUKStress & Wellbeing News Daily’ [Digital]
  • Access to a professional journal ‘The International Journal of Stress Prevention & Wellbeing’ [Digital]
  • Free listing on ISMAUK register of Practitioners with backlink to website
  • Free listing of books in our on-line library
  • Full access to resources on website via Member’s area
  • Discounted annual conference tickets and other events during the year
  • Eligible to participate in International Stress Awareness Day and use of the INSAD logo
  • Referral opportunities from the media
  • Professional peer networking
  • Your right to vote

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