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Handbook of stress, medicine and health

Handbook of Stress, Medicine and Health Edited

  • by Professor Cary Cooper CRC Press Inc (1996)
  • ISBN 08493-2908-6

Stress and health

Stress and Health - Biological and Psychological Interactions (Vol1)

  • By William R Lovallo Sage Publications (1997)
  • ISBN 0-8039-7001-3

Stress management and counselling

Stress Management and Counselling: Theory, Practice, Research and Methodology

  • By Stephen Palmer and Windy Dryden Cassell (1996)
  • ISBN 0-304-33565-7

Stress research

Stress Research and Stress Management

  • By Tom Cox HSE Books (1993)
  • ISBN 0-7176-0684-8

Why zebras don't get ulcers

Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers (A guide to stress, stress-related diseases and coping)

  • By Robert M Sapolsky W H Freeman & Co, New York (1997)
  • ISBN 0-7167-2718-8

From Stress To Success

From Stress To Success

  • 'Five inspirational stories of overcoming workplace stress'
  • By Hansa Pankhania
  • ISBN 978-178456-044-7


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