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Show stress who's boss

Show Stress Who's Boss!

  • By Carole Spiers
  • ISBN 9780955038037
  • The Essential Guide to Managing Stress [2011]
  • Published by Filament Publishing

Wave goodbye to stress

Wave Goodbye To Stress

  • By Carole Spiers
  • ISBN 9780955038037
  • Wave Goodbye To Stress
  • Published by Filament Publishing

Emotional healing for dummies

Emotional Healing For Dummies

  • by David Beales and Helen Whitten (11 Dec 2009)
  • ISBN978-0-470-74764-3

Facing Frankenstein

Facing Frankenstein - Defeat your True Opponent in Sport

  • By Dr Mark Elliott MISMA, David James Publishing

Coping with a stressed nervous system

'Coping with a Stressed Nervous System'

  • by Alice Muir and Dr. Ken Hambly,
  • 2005 Sheldon Press
  • ISBN-10: 0859699463

At ease with stress

At Ease with Stress

  • By Wanda Nash Darton, Longman & Todd (1988)
  • ISBN 0-232-513777-0

stress survival

The Book of Stress Survival

  • By Alixa Kirsta Thorsons (1991)
  • ISBN 0-7225-2592-3

Care guide handbook

The Care Guide

  • Edited by Micheal Jacobs Cassell (1995)
  • ISBN 0-304-33380-8

Christ stress and glory

Christ, Stress and Glory

  • By Wanda Nash Darton Longman & Todd (1997)
  • ISBN 0-232-52178-6

Complete guide to stress

Complete Guide to Stress Management

  • By Dr. C. Patel Vermilion (1996)
  • ISBN 0-09-181366-2

Conquer your stress

Conquer Your Stress (Management Shapers) Creating a Balance

  • By Cary L. Cooper, Stephen Palmer Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (2000)
  • ISBN: 0-85292-853-X

Creating a balance

Creating a Balance

  • By Stephen Palmer, Cary Cooper, Kate Thomas Wanda Nash British Library Publishing Division (2003)
  • ISBN: 0-7123-0892-X

Emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

  • By Daniel Coleman Bloomsbury (1996)
  • ISBN 0-7475-2836-6

Happiness now

Happiness Now!

  • By Robert Holden Hodder Mobius (1999)
  • ISBN 0-3407-1309-7

How to deal with stress

How to Deal with Stress

  • By Stephen Palmer & Cary Cooper Kogan Page (April 2007)
  • ISBN 0-7494 4866 0

Living with stress

Living With Stress

  • By Cary Cooper, Rachel Cooper, Lynn Eaker Penguin (1988)
  • ISBN 0-14-009866-6

Positive under pressure

Positive Under Pressure

  • By Gael Lindenfield, Malcom Vandenburg HarperCollins (2000)
  • ISBN 0722538170

Mental health handbook

The Mental Health Handbook

  • By Trevor Powell Speechmark Publishing Limited (2001)
  • ISBN 0-86388-330-3

Stress busters


  • By Robert Holden HarperCollins (1992)
  • ISBN 0-7225-2632-6

Manage Your Stress For A Happier Life

  • By Terry Looker & Olga Gregson (2010)
  • ISBN 0071769544

The stress gremlins

The Stress Gremlins

  • By Ann McCracken Arima Publishing (2005)
  • ISBN 1-84549-020-72

The Which guide to managing stress

The "Which?" Guide to Managing Stress

  • By Mark Greener Which? Books (2003)
  • ISBN 0-85202-926-8

What's all this about stress

What's All This About Stress

  • By Brenda Davison Liverpool Academic Press (1999)
  • ISBN 1-87280-733-X

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