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Counselling the culturally different

Counselling the Culturally Different

  • By Derard.W. and David. Sue Wiley (1999)
  • ISBN 0-471-84269-9

The cultural construction of sexuality

The Cultural Construction of Sexuality

  • By Patricia Caplan Routledge (1990)
  • ISBN 0-415-04013-2

Death and bereavement across cultures

Death and Bereavement Across Cultures

  • Eds Colin Murray Parkes et al. Routledge (1996)
  • ISBN 0-415-13137-5

Increasing multicultural understanding

Increasing Multicultural Understanding

  • By Don. C. Locke Sage (1998)
  • ISBN 0-7619-1119-7

Pink therapy

Pink Therapy: A Guide for Counsellors and Therapists Working with Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Clients

  • Eds Dominic Davies and Charles Neal Open University Press (1996)
  • ISBN 0-335-19145-2

Race culture and counselling

Race, Culture and Counselling

  • By Colin Largo and Joyce M. Thompson Open University Press (1996)
  • ISBN 0-335-19294-7

Race culture and difference

Race, Culture and Difference

  • By James Donald and Ali Rattansi Sage (1992)
  • ISBN 0-8039-8580-0

Therapy across culture

Talking Across Culture: Psychotherapy and Cultural Diversity

  • By Inga-Britt Krause Sage (1998)
  • ISBN 0-8039-7527-9

Transcultural counselling in action

Transcultural Counselling in Action

  • By Patricia d' Ardenne & Aruna Mahtani Sage (1989)
  • ISBN 0-8039-8111-2

Understanding and dealing with violence

Understanding and Dealing with Violence: A Multicultural Approach (Winter Roundtable S.) Transcultural Counselling in Action

  • By Barbara Wallace, Robert Carter, Barbara C. Wallace (Editor), Robert T. Carter (Editor) Sage (2003)
  • ISBN 0-7619-1714-4

Unresolved grief

Unresolved Grief: a practical multicultural approach for health professionals

  • By J.C. Gunzburg Chapman and Hall (1993)
  • ISBN 0-412-49080-3

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