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Counselling the BAC reader

Counselling - The BAC Counselling Reader

  • Eds Stephen Palmer, Sheila Dainow, Pat Milner Sage Publications (1997)
  • ISBN 0-8039-7477-9

Counselling in the workplace

Counselling in the Workplace

  • By Jenny Summerfield & Lyn van Oudtshoorn Institute of Personnel & Development (1995)
  • ISBN 0 85292 580 8

Handbook of counselling in organizations

Handbook of Counselling in Organisations

  • Eds Michael Carroll and Michael Walton Sage Publications (1997)
  • ISBN 0-7619-5087-7

Inside counselling

Inside Counselling - Becoming a Professional Counsellor

  • By Anthony Crouch Sage Publications (June 1997)
  • ISBN 0-8039-7529-5

Integrative stress counselling

Integrative Stress Counselling: A humanistic Problem Focused Approach

  • By Pat Milner and Stephen Palmer Cassell (1998)
  • ISBN 0-304-33492-8

Listening and helping in the workplace

Listening and Helping in the Workplace

  • By Frank Parkinson Souvenir Press (1995)
  • ISBN 0-285-63242-6

Practical counselling and helping skills

Practical Counselling & Helping Skills (4th Ed)

  • By Richard Nelson-Jones Sage Publications Ltd (2003)
  • ISBN: 1-412-90052-2

Solution focused stress counselling

Solution-Focused Stress Counselling

  • By Bill O'Connell Sage Publications Ltd (2001)
  • ISBN: 0-8264-5312-0

Stress counselling

Stress Counselling: A Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy Approach

  • By A Ellis, J Gordon, M Neenan & S Palmer Sage(2001)
  • ISBN 0-826-4559-80

An incomplete guide to using counselling skills on the telephone

  • By Pete Sanders PCCS Books (1996)
  • ISBN 1-898059-12-8

Counselling for Stress Problems

  • By Stephen Palmer & Windy Dryden Sage (2004)
  • ISBN0-7619-4162-2

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